Solar Systems

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We are true believers that solar energy will be the way of the future. With the unpredictable energy market and ever increasing electricity costs, a good Solar System provides one of the best investments a home or business owner can make. It reduces your overheads, improves the value of your home/Business and at the end of the day is good for the planet.

Unlike your big solar company’s Eastern energy solutions separate ourselves by offering the highest standard in products, installation and after service support along with good advice in a no pressure environment.

Rest assured knowing that any system designed by Eastern energy solutions is built to stand the test of time, Be adaptable for future technologies and bring a quicker return on your investment.

Our services include:

  • Grid connected Solar systems
  • Grid connected Solar and storage systems (Hybrid)
  • Commercial Solar and storage systems >100Kw
  • Stand alone/Off grid solar systems
  • Emergency power supply for grid failure
  • Electric Vehicle chargers
  • Solar/Battery gate motors
  • Maintenance and servicing

Solar Panels

Solar panels have come along way in their development over the last 10 years from the humble 180w panels to the high power 360W modules have today. Modules now have new technologies embedded I them such as PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) and Split panels (using half cut cells) allowing for more energy to be absorbed by the cells and better performance in shaded situations.

Eastern energy solutions have spent the time researching and based on field performance we only use the best panels from LG, REC, QCELLS and LONGi on all our installations which goes without saying all rank in the top 10 world manufacturers

Solar Panel Installation Mooroolbark


The inverter is the brains of the operation not only converting the DC from the panels to AC which we use on our every day living they have now got a whole lot smarter. Inverters now have the capabilities to communicate with your phone, Send excess power to smart appliances or Hot water units and even automate your home.

Choosing the right inverter has never been more important with the inclusion of battery technology so here at Eastern Energy Solutions, we make sure that the inverter manufacturers we have chosen to partner with like SolarEdge, Fronius, Selectronic and Goodwe not only have the best industry reputation but will future proof your system for years to come.

Solar Panel Installation Mooroolbark

Unlike your big solar companies, we separate ourselves by offering high quality products and services along with good advice in a no pressure environment.


Battery systems have only recently started to gain traction in Australia however due to costs coming down and quality being at such a high standard Eastern Energy Solution realises its only a matter of time before every household/Business has an energy storage system installed.

We have teamed up with established players such as BYD and Sonnen to deliver the highest quality and safety ensured energy storage systems. Whether you’re considering a battery to offset your daily/peak electricity usage or to become completely off-grid we can design a system to cater for your needs.

Solar Panel Installation Mooroolbark


Eastern Energy Solutions are very familiar with larger scale solar systems specialising in commercial solar systems up to 50Kw in capacity. We installed over 300kw of PV on commercial property so far you can guarantee we get projects completed in a professional and timely manner with all relevant documentation.

Solar Panel Installation Mooroolbark