The power to control your home or office at the touch of a button wherever and whenever you like via a smart phone or computer.

No more wondering if you set the alarm, turnerd the lights off or locked the doors.


Our Systems can

  • Control all lighting
  • Control  heating and cooling temperatures
  • Manage  security and surveillance systems
  • Use voice to control automated devices
  • Open and lock doors via Access control
  • Control  audio visual systems
  • Control irrigation, pool pumps, electric gates and motorised blinds
Home Automation Mooroolbark

With an automation system designed by ART you can rest easy knowing that its all one click away.

You may think automation systems are for new buildings due to the wiring or that getting an automation system installed in an existing home or business would be too hard or too expensive however due to new technologies this is not the case.

Clipsal now makes a product Called NERO that simply has a small central control unit that connects to your modem/router and has separate PUKs (Relays) that are installed behind your existing switches that operate wirelessly via Z-Wave. This system can be operated manually via the NERO app and can pretty much do anything a hardwired system can eg lights, blinds, locks and cameras for a fraction of the cost.

The system can be switched manually, Via the NERO App or through voice command through a smart speaker like the Amazon Alexa. NERO can pretty much operate like any hardwired system controlling anything from lights, door locks temperature and blinds motors.

Nero by Environexus
A Smart Home Experience